Medicaid Expansion: $ and Cents

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Costs Sharing of New Enrollees


Source: State of Alaska “Healthy Alaska Plan,” page 7

Costs Saving

1. Uncompensated Care

In 2011, Alaska non-tribal hospitals provided $91 million in uncompensated care. Arizona hospitals reported a decrease in uncompensated care of 31% during the first four months after Medicaid expansion was implemented there.^

Potential savings: $28,210,000

Healthy Healthy Alaskans Report

2. CAMA Chronic and Acute Medical Assistance Program

Many of the Alaskans on this program, which is currently funded by the state, will qualify for coverage under Medicaid Expansion.

Potential Savings in 2016 $1,000,000

3. Incarcerated Individuals

The Department of Corrections is responsible for the medical care of persons in their custody. Inpatient hospital services outside of the institution are eligible for Medicaid if the person is otherwise eligible.

Potential Savings in 2016: $4,100,000