Medicaid Expansion: People

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In Alaska, more than 35,000 low-income residents lack access to health insurance. If Alaska chooses to accept federal dollars to expand Medicaid, those who would qualify for health coverage are residents with incomes up to 138 percent of the federal poverty level ($24,740 for a family of three in 2015). Our analysis finds that 65 percent of this population is working. – See more at

Lack of health insurance contributes to family stress and financial instability including 154,900 Alaskans served annually by the Food Bank of Alaska network of over 300 partners:

  • 56% making choices between medications/meals
  • 26% of households report at least one member with diabetes
  • 47% of households report at least one member with high blood pressure
  • 34% have no health insurance of any kind, including Medicaid
  • 56% of households report having unpaid medical bills
  • 53% of clients served have incomes that are at or below the federal poverty level ($15,510 or less for household of two)
  • 27% have incomes between $1-$10,000 annually; 29% have incomes of $10,001-$20,000 annually

Good health and wellness are supporting factors in children staying and succeeding in school; adults getting and keeping a job; and, in healthy, competitive communities.

Geographic Distribution of Alaskans Eligible for Medicaid through Expansion

Alaska Medicaid expansion geographical distribution

Occupations of Uninsured Working Alaskans

Ocupations of Uninsured in Alaska